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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Protection for the future

As a mother there is a lot to do to take care of my family – my children. Besides providing for their everyday needs and some of their wants, I have to think about and be prepared for anything that may happen in the future. Including, unfortunately, what may happen in the event of my death. It is my responsibility (as it is every parent and spouse’s responsibility) to ensure that every aspect of their future and circumstance is taken care of.

That’s why it would be such a load off of my shoulders if I knew that my home would be paid for in the event of my death. If something were to happen to me anytime soon the responsibility for closing out everything would fall upon my oldest daughter. Instead of interrupting her life plans I could simply invest in mortgage protection insurance so that my home would be paid for if I died. Getting NAA Life’s mortgage insurance is more than just a piece of paper; it is an investment in peace of mind.

Speaking of that often avoided subject; death, it’s also important that I (and, yes I am going to keep saying it, every parent) invests in life insurance. If you have young children, like I do, then you want to make sure they’re well taken care of. That's why you may also want to consider investing in final expense insurance that will pay off your credit card debt, loans, burial expenses and estate costs. You wouldn't want to leave any of this behind for your family to have to deal with.
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