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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Posting schedule

I realized that I am getting a little content rhythm with this blog so I wanted to give you a heads up on what's coming and when. This schedule is liquid, but at least if a mental block occurs then I know I have my daily to do list - if you know what I mean.

Monday - I really like Maternal Spark's Monday Muse so that will be a regular post here. The first time I did a muse post it was a quote and then I wrote about how new journals and notebooks inspire me to write. Maybe you'd like to join in on Monday Muse too.

Tuesday - I've noticed that I normally post My Health & Weight Loss Journal on Tuesdays so that will continue. Tuesdays seem good to me because that's when I normally do my weigh ins. (Carrie has gotten me into that habit.) I'm excited about upcoming journals because there will be some different things going on like my incorporating Sensa into my weight-loss plan and my first mammogram at the end of the month. Seems appropriate since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Wednesday - I'll always do Wordless Wednesdays and although it's not my original idea, I think it's a fun post to share something I see from a visual standpoint. My photos aren't normally award worthy, but I like them. :D

Thursday - To say I've always loved to read is an understatement. I don't get a chance to read as often as I would like and there are many books that are brought to my attention that I don't get to share with others and Thursdays will be my opportunity to do that. Those installments, called What the Woman Reads, will be my "what's on my bookshelf" moment. It will be a book review, synopsis or a look-what-I-saw-that's-interesting write up.

Friday - I am really excited about a weekly (well, at least I plan on weekly) column called In This Woman's World. It will most likely be an essay-like post that may be a vent, a realization or just something that's on my mind. Or it may be a poem or a quote that is significant to me that week. Actually, it'll be whatever is in this woman's world...! It's my way of inserting a little creativity, a little humor and, well, just a little more of me. (As if you don't get enough of that already. LOL) Tune in tomorrow for the first installment. Okay?

Saturday & Sunday - Both days will be Random Weekend posts. Most weekends go by without me posting anything so I am going to try to make an attempt to post at least one thing on either of those days. No promises though 'cause even bloggers need a day off. You may pop by on a weekend and see a one word or one sentence post, but - hey - that's just me being random.

Oh, and I must let you know that I'll still sprinkle in some paid posts... a girl has gotta pay the bills, right?
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