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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Oprah moment

Renee has challenged us moms -- and women in general -- to take a moment to share a picture of ourselves in "all of our glory." A picture that we love. I was inspired by her picture to take a little extra time today to put on my face and I am quite pleased with the results.

This is what Renee calls my Forty and Fabulous look and I think I'm going to have to agree...

Like Oprah I am embracing who I am. It's funny how reaching the age of 40 has changed my perspective and outlook. It is almost as if a switch was flicked and I am so feeling who I am. Every woman I've ever seen on The Oprah Show talking about coming into themselves, who they are, what they want to be and making the improvements to be the way they want without apologies is absolutely right. If you haven't reached 40 yet just know that you have something to look forward to. Forty and fabulous is a mindset ... an outlook and it's one I'm happy to have reached.

Let the celebration continue.


  1. You look GREAT! I hope we can keep felling this fabulous at 40 and beyond! I am right behind you and have plans to look fabulous forever!
    Thanks for playing along!

  2. You are 4o and fab- u- lous!!!! Do your thing lady!!!!!

  3. You are 4o and fab- u- lous!!!! Do your thing lady!!!!!

  4. You look beautiful!!! Great pictures, great smile!!!!

  5. It's all about being comfortable in your own skin--imperfections and all. Inner beauty transcends and radiates to those around you.

    Lovely photo!!

  6. Lookin' hot girl!!!!!!!!
    I wish I was looking half as good as you !LOL!

  7. you look stunning in the photos! very much pretty (and prettier than Oprah). and the best is that's your natural look, Oprah went thru a couple of surgeries to look like what she is now. not that impressive to me.

    you look great! :)


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