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Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm not almost 50 years old!

LogoThe other day when I was getting a couple of belts replaced in my vehicle one of the mechanics commented that I look like I am about 27 years old. I walked out of there with a very big head. Being 40 and being told I look like I'm in my 20s is definitely an ego booster.

My ego was definitely deflated after I took the RealAge test, which calculated that my real age is 47.6 years. I don't feel almost 50 years old. I almost said I don't feel that old, but in actuality 47 is not that far from now. Besides my medical issues, I think I feel about 30 years old... uh, give or take. I am, however, open to the fact that there are quite a few lifestyle changes that I need to make to make my real age close to or lower than my physical/chronological age.

According to these are the things I need to do to bring my real age down: stop using the cell phone while driving, know my cholesterol levels (I know it's elevated, but not the specifics), spend more time with family and friends, eat more veggies and push myself more in physical fitness.

I found all of the information useful because I am always open to improving myself. I already knew that I didn't totally have it together and now I have a good idea of what I need to work on. Now I think you should take the Take the RealAge Test! It's Free! After you're done then come back here and share your results. I can't wait to hear them and what you think about the RealAge Test. So, what are you waiting for?... Take the free RealAge Test right now.

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