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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I can't see a thing

I hate to admit it, but it has been more than three years since I had an eye exam. I know that isn't good, but I have a good reason. Really. I have astigmatism and normally my eyeglasses - not including exam - cost way more than I am able to spend.

Lately I haven't paid attention to any deals being offered until I heard about This site offers single vision eyeglasses starting at $8.00. Yup, you read that right. In fact, Clark Howard even recommended them during a segment on his nationally syndicated radio program.

With a family of five finding a great deal on something that is a must-have always reduces a little stress on me as well as on my purse. You may be thinking that the eyeglasses offered for $8 aren't that snazzy, but you're wrong. I took a peek at the most of the glasses, including the lowest priced ones, and found a great selection.

It's the perfect place to shop for specs for the entire family -- teenagers included! I have my eyes on a couple of different pair, but I am having a hard time deciding. In the past I have found that lighter colored frames look best on my face, but I am really thinking about getting a red pair.

Now that I think about it, with prices this low I can get two or three pair and change them about as often as I change my purse and my shoes. What do you think about these? I think they are my favorite.

I tried to find some that were different than what I have, but not too outrageous. Are they me?

If you'd like to get a good deal on eyeglasses then you have to browse ZenniOptical - you'll be glad you did.

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