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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gimme 5

We celebrated quite a milestone yesterday: My son's 5th birthday! Isn't it amazing how you can see the mental development in your children? Sometimes it's almost as if a switch is thrown, but then there are other times -- like when they whine -- when you realize they are still babies.

We weren't able to do anything extravagant, but I think he had an awesome time. I wanted to take him to Monkey Joes or MaxxFun, but he decided on Chuck E. Cheese's because the other two places don't allow outside cake. They only allow cake if you're booking a party through them so that leaves out us poor people. Off to Chuck E. Cheese (again!) we went.

The kids enjoyed themselves. They ate. They played. They drank. They ran. Whew, I was exhausted... I mean, they were exhausted by the end of the day. Here's a little peek of the happenings.

That's Anna, Amareah, their friend from Anna's daycare and Andre. Amareah and Andre used to attend the same daycare so I picked him (the little boy - what's the protocol for giving other children's names on your blog? LOL) up when I picked up Anna.
I think this is the first time they "rode" the little roller coaster thing. I haven't even ridden it and had a blast watching their faces. That little boy in the orange was just a passerby who tried to eat pizza with us! LOL.
Although you can't tell from her expressions, Anna was having a good time. She rode the Barney car about five times. I just kept putting tokens in and then finally said, "You wanna get down?" Then she moved onto the next car, which she rode about three times.
Each of the kids had two slices of pizza... I guess they worked up a hunger from running around and screaming.
They didn't quite get the hang of the hockey table (or whatever it's called), but they enjoyed banging the puck around.
Andre got a little embarrassed when everyone started singing Happy Birthday, but he blew his candle out like a champ. That's his cousin to the right.... the one hogging the cake.

This is today. Andre went outside to play with the basketball that I got for him. I also got him a wooden puzzle, but he didn't notice that until today. Yesterday he came home and bounced the ball around the house... I could only stand that for five minutes so we have a new rule: No bouncing basketballs in the house. He and Amareah begin basketball in a couple of months so he should be an expert dribbler (is that a word?) by then. I must admit that I can play a little ball myself so I had fun showing off my moves to my son this afternoon.

Our next birthday celebration will be in January when my second daughter turns 4. I think my kids think the cake is the best part of a birthday party. What is your favorite part of a birthday celebration?

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