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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fading rashes, changing waist lines, fuzzy brains

My health and weight loss journal

The nasty rash... Thank God that nasty rash (remember I told you?) that had threatened my very sanity is healing nicely. Was that too dramatic? It was hurting so badly and itching like crazy. What makes it even worse is that I had no idea where it came from. I talked with my children's daycare provider and she told me to get anti-itch cream with antibacterial stuff in it. That product worked like a charm. Now I am just hoping the scars from the rash will heal... I am attacking them with cocoa butter and wishing for the best.

The weight loss update... Okay, okay! I finally changed that stupid weight loss ticker. It's knocked up one pound because I can't seem to get anymore off right now. Well, actually, yesterday my scale said I was 174 and when I weighed myself today it said 170 again. I am sure the 170 is accurate because not only did I have a little feminine backup (I know! Ewwww!), but I had a little bathroom backup (yea, yea... yuck again!) too.

Yesterday I started the Sensa weight-loss program and I can't wait to see if there will be any results. I have a very sensitive sense of taste and smell so I could taste the product the first time I used it. Now I am adjusting to the taste and noticing the enhanced flavors of the food. I know you're wondering what Sensa is. Here is information taken directly from their site:

"Sensa is unlike any other weight-loss program. It is a 6-month system of Tastants that are sprinkled on your food to help you feel full faster, stay satisfied longer and lose weight. It is not a diet. You can continue to eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight. There are no prepackaged meals, stimulants, drugs or diuretics. It uses your senses of smell and taste to control appetite. Although many people think the feeling of hunger or fullness comes from your stomach – it is actually governed by the satiety center in your brain. When Sensa Tastants are sprinkled on food, it triggers this satiety center, so you feel satisfied with less food. It is scientifically proven. Sensa’s patent-pending technology was proven to be effective in one of the largest clinical studies ever conducted on a non-prescription weight-loss product."

During the next two to six months I will review Sensa, share my results and give my overall opinion of the product. Don't forget: If you want to try it with me the company has been so kind as to offer my readers a discount. Click here and use promotion code ROCKETXL to get 15 percent off of your order (of no minimum) and free ground shipping or go to TrySensa and enter the same code at checkout.

My overall health... I have been feeling a little out of sorts, but I think it is mostly the PMS that attacked me really good this month. PMS on top of fibromyalgia is often not very fun. Most months are okay as long as I manage the sugar and salt cravings. Well, this month I didn't so I am suffering more PMS symptoms, menstrual pain and fibro pain. All par for the course, I guess.
I am still waiting on the results of the ultrasound of my liver and will try to call later today to find out what the results are. I am assuming that since they haven't called then there isn't anything drastically wrong, but knowing the Veteran's Hospital and realizing that people make mistakes it's better to be proactive.

Other than that, and my fuzzy brain that made me post Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday, everything is pretty okay.
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