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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Before, after & during

My health and weight loss journal

You've so kindly been following my weight loss for the past nine to 10 months and recently I promised that I would show you some before and after pictures. And although I'm a little late fullfilling my promise, I'm going to do that today. Not before I tell you that I gained about two pounds over the past week or so. (NO! I am not going to change my weight-loss ticker!) That's what I get for celebrating my 40th birthday for the entire month.

Now I have to get back on the bandwagon and -- to brag just a little bit -- I rode my exercise bike for 15 minutes this morning. (See, Sandra, I don't just use it for holding papers. LOL) Actually I can't really take total credit for getting on the bike because I was on the phone with my BFF Frankie and he convinced me to do it through my whining and complaining. The fun part of it was watching 15 minutes of How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Tomorrow I'm hoping that the call of watching some more of the movie will prompt me into getting back on the bike. That and the fact that it causes me to dream about my visits to Jamaica and how I wouldn't mind going again and getting my groove back.

Oops! I digress.

Okay, without further ado (cliche enough for ya?)... here are the pics:

This is last summer - around June or July. See how tiny Anna is and how porky I am?

This was in September 2007. This was actually on my 39th birthday.

I'm guessing October or November 2007. Chubby cheeks on me and the baby!

Yes, I know, I am dragging this out forever! I am just amazed at the changes I see. Okay... let's get into how I'm looking this year:

I think this is May or June of this year. Oh look, I have a waist!

And the moment you've all been waiting for... (yes, insert drum roll here) This is how I look today (yup, this is actually today!):

I think I am one hot looking, 40-year-old blogging mama! Just ignore the array of products on my dresser. I didn't put that there... uh, really, I didn't!

So... can you tell I've lost a few pounds? 19 (okay, okay minus 2) pounds! A little more work to do and I'll really have a big head. :)
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