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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby your skin

I am a little obsessed with ensuring that my skin is well moisturized and taken care of. When I was pregnant with each of my children I really needed to moisturize so I used products like Mustela 9 Months®. I think that's probably my favorite product of the line because it's specifically formulated to work with the pregnancy skin as it's going through all of its changes. From month one all the way through month nine.

I have discovered that my children need skincare products that are especially formulated for them because three out of four of them have sensitive skin. That's why I still like to use baby products on my youngest child so that her skin is well taken care of. I like the Mustela Bébé products because they are a complete line of daily hygiene, bath time, diaper change and skin protection items that take you from day to evening and back again when caring for your baby's sensitive skin.

Besides the products, Mustela has thought so much about mothers and their babies that they have a Parent's Corner on their website that offers tips and advice, frequently asked questions, recommendations, product advice and testimonials from other parents. It's useful baby and mommy skincare information.

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