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Friday, October 24, 2008

Austin Real Estate

More and more each day I think about moving from Georgia, but I haven't really executed a plan. With everything that is going on in my life I don't want to make the decision to move when I am feeling so emotional and unsure about my future. And, of course, there are my children to consider. There are many places that I like, but I keep coming across information from cities that I hadn't even considered. One place is Austin, Texas. Now I wouldn't be able to just pack up and move without planning so I'd have to investigate Austin Real Estate to find a house to live in. There also a popular town near there to look into so I'd have to investigate the Round rock tx real estate. Besides that I would need to know what the cost of living is, how good the school systems are and how the job market is. Moving isn't as easy as just deciding where to go.

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