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Monday, September 15, 2008

Where'd she go?

One day last week when I picked up the two middle children from HeadStart, my 3-year-old daughter did not want to come with me. I tried to convince her, pretend I was going to leave her and even got her 4-year-old brother to coax her and nothing worked.

I ended up putting on my "firm voice" and making her walk over to me and then I conned her (and babied her!) by picking her up. I was hugging her to me, walking and grabbing the 4 year old's hand. He was a little distracted and wouldn't loop his fingers in my jeans' pocket.

"Andre," I said and glanced at him, "pay attention. Hold my pocket."

He was watching some cars go by and then he abruptly stopped, "No!"

"What?" I said. He was looking around like he'd lost something.

"Where's 'Mareah?"

"Andre, look at me!"

He shook his head and looked back at the school. He almost seemed panicked.

"Andre!" I said his name a little louder, but he started to shake his head.

"Where's Amareah!"

"Andre, look at me!"

He finally looked up at my face and still didn't see her... I pointed to the child I was holding.

You should have seen the look of fear drain away as his eyes registered that I was holding his sister. (I guess it's possible he thought I was holding the baby because I never pick up the bigger kids anymore.) As I tried to suppress a laugh, a smile tickled the corner of his lips and we both laughed. Even Amareah started to chuckle.

"You didn't see her?" I asked, still laughing.

He shook his head no again, but this time he was smiling.

BTW: Have I ever mentioned that my two middle children are very close? :D

Here are Amareah and Andre (who are only 15 months apart) riding their baby sister's toy. I know this picture is a little blurry, but it's one of the few times I can see what everyone else is saying: Someone always tells me that they look just alike and I never see it. Here's the proof!
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