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Friday, September 12, 2008


Each morning during the week I get up between 5 and 6 a.m. (Closer to 6, or after, if I'm running late.) After I eat my breakfast, take my medicine and get dressed - if I'm on time - I wake up one of the middle children.

Usually I choose my 3-year-old daughter because she's normally pleasant and sweet in the morning. The other day I tapped her a little, sat her up and put her feet on the floor. I stood her up and gave her a hug as she continued to wake up. Normally I hold onto her shoulders to guide her or hold her hand, and I think she has gotten used to that because she keeps her eyes closed.

For some reason, a couple of days ago, I wasn't guiding her or holding her hand. I turned my head to the left because a toy on the floor caught my attention and before I could turn back around she had ran into the door jam.

I grabbed her and kissed her head while moving her in the right direction and trying to hold in my laughter. It was so funny because she didn't make a sound. There was just the thump of her head against the door jam.

I guess it didn't really wake her up all the way. Later I thought, 'What a bad mommy to laugh at my baby.' However, that didn't keep me from chuckling at the memory.

Has anyone close to you done something where you have to hide your laughter or smile?


  1. This is the typical you! Poor Amareah.

  2. :-) I must admit I've had my moments. As long as noone got hurt everything all good!

  3. OMG!Poor baby!
    And the answer is yes!Way many times!
    First I have the nasty habit to giggle when I'm nervous and second I just can't see people bumping into stuff!
    I'm mean sometimes! :P

  4. Oh yeah all the time, especially with my teenager. She's a little klutzy. ;o)

  5. uw i see its 4 days till your bday. fab!

    i laugh at everything im so terrible! or at least ill laugh quietly underin my hands!

  6. hi petula! i have something for you..


  7. Poor thing! Hunter does this sometimes when he is making sure you are behind him. He wants to show you something so he keeps looking back...

  8. Awww poor baby! Heheh. I must admit I sometimes have a chuckle at somebody's expense (Bad Jade!) Well, we are only human after all.

    I see you have your own domain now. Congrats!My first blog is not working at the moment but I have a new one and you've been tagged!

    I want to see what you, an intelligent woman,busy mom and wife, have in your handbag or purse. Nosey eh? Hehe! Details about it could be found here.

  9. ohhhhhh poor darling! She's so sweet to be able to wake up so early in the morning, and still not at all cranky, very good girl!

    Syabil will only wake up early if he knows he has to catch the aeroplane to travel- otherwise, don't even dare! LOL He will cry and yell and to compromise, I will have to make him a bottle of milk. LOL

  10. My little boy had a somewhat same kind of encounter with the door frame. While yellifn for him to slow down, he cought the frame instead of going through the door. While gripping his head crying, I had tearsi nmy eyes from laughing so hard. It's hard not to laugh.


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