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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moving on down the scale...

My health and weight loss journal

I'm feeling a little proud of myself today because I've lost another pound (see my weight loss ticker at the top!). It feels good to have something positive happen. ... As I've told you before I probably would have lost more weight by now if I'd be consistent with the workout, but I am happy that I am fairly consistent with my eating habits and that has greatly contributed to the weight I've lost.

You may also remember that I said I wanted to lose the weight by September 20th, which is my 40th birthday. I am 19 pounds away from my original goal, but I am happy with the 30 pounds I've lost so far. My new goal (since I'm not going to berate myself for not losing the entire amount by a certain date) is to continue to lose weight steadily and whatever weight I am by December 31 is the weight I will be happy with.

I think that's fair because I plan on continuing eating healthy and incorporating movement and exercise into my life. Although I know I should exercise more, I also know that particular activity is going to take a little more patience and motivation to make a regular part of my life.

So celebrate with me, okay?! Oh... and be on the lookout (sometime this weekend) for my before and after pictures.
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