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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Innovative weight-loss solution

I've found that one of the main keys to losing weight is maintaining control. Whether it's control over when and how you exercise and what you consume to how large your portions are; your ability to be in charge can mean the difference between weight-loss success and failure.

Sometimes, however, you can give up a little control and still have marked success and that's what I've discovered with The Diet Plate®, which is a complete weight management system. It's "the plate that counts the calories, so you don't have to."

I must admit: When I was first contacted about this product I was a little skeptical, but after reading more about it I found out that this could be just the thing that some people need to assist them with portion control. In fact, the company claims that this is "portion control made easy."

Let me tell you a little more about The Diet Plate® using information that came directly from their catalog:

"This plate provides a practical and visual weight loss programme for you to follow, a product that you will use every day instead of reading from a traditional diet sheet, counting calories, fat grams or allotting points to the food. ... [the] system delineates portion sections directly on the plate for protein, starchy carbohydrates, meat, sauces and cheese. These specifically calculated geometric areas represent a defined volume of food. ... it's the weight, or how much food we consume that has so much influence on whether we gain or lose weight."

There are also claims that this plate can help those with certain medical conditions:

"[It] is clinically proven to control diabetes type 2, reduce weight and maintain weight." I was also informed that trials are underway at the University of Maryland to see how this can assist with breast cancer sufferers (the company proudly supports The Pink Ribbon Ball and the Breast Cancer Campaign) and in New Zealand they are studying whether it can help people with learning disabilities.

I found the concept to be interesting and worth a try. The system comes with an easy-to-understand pamphlet that explains how to use the system. Check out where you can find out more information about The Diet Plate, which comes in the female or male versions and there's even The Magic Plate for your child(ren).


  1. Hi Petula: do you have any more info on the New Zealand study regarding learning disabilities. I would be really interested in readying about that.

    I have seen these plates, people swear by them.

  2. Hi Petula,

    I first got my Diet Plate in March of this year. The plate and bowl are made of the most beautiful earthenware and are lovely to look at. I can tell you that both myself and husband have been using this system since April and we have both lost a lot of weight. I have lost 4stones 5lbs and my husband has lost 2stones 9lbs. We have both found it to be really easy to stick to and the developer of the plate Kay Illingworth has been of great support to me. I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to lose weight using a balanced diet and feel great in doing so.

    Amanda & Archie Thornton (Glasgow)


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