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Monday, September 29, 2008

Get it moving

Since I am going through a divorce (I told you that, right?) I have been packing up my husband’s belongings and putting them in the storage area that is off of my home office. I don’t know how or when he plans on getting them, but I am hoping that he will come very soon with a Moving Company that can do a quick job of getting everything loaded and hauled away.

If he doesn’t have anywhere to put his things then he should choose a company that stores, moves and unpacks like Humboldt Storage and Moving. This company has a state-of-the-art storage facility that is climate-controlled with a network of security cameras, which means everything will be safe.

When you’re moving you shouldn’t just trust your belongings with any old company – you want a company that has experienced drivers and movers who will take their time and provide the best moving service possible. The few times I have moved I have always done it myself, but I hope to use a professional moving company the next time because it makes things a little easier and frees up time to wrap up some of the other loose ends.

Right now I am anxious to wrap up this moving situation, I just can not wait to finish packing my husband’s things so I can get everything organized and in place. If you see him, let him know about the moving company, okay? :D
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