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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Domain name update

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I finally obtained my own domain name: If you remember, a few months ago I asked you to vote on what you thought my blog should be named and here are the final results:

A Woman & Her World --------------------------------------- 16 (30%)

Woman's POV --------------------------------------------------- 7 (13%)

Point of View: from a writer-mom-woman perspective ----- 3 (5%)

Leave it the way it is ------------------------------------------ 16 (30%)

I don't like any of those choices ----------------------------- 11 (20%)

I decided to leave it the way it is, but use my name as the domain because I eventually want to re-design the blog and have a link where potential clients can access my writing portfolio and bio. Basically add my writing site to my blog. But, don't worry, my daily blog stuff will still be first, foremost and most apparent.

Now onto some additional business:

If you were so kind as to add my badge or my link to your site, please update it with the new domain: I really appreciate that.

Here's the new code for the badge, which was created by one hot blogging mama Tammy! (Thanks for all of your help, Tammy.) If you don't already have it be sure to get it (pretty please!) and pass it on to your blogging friends! Not only is it my badge, but it's a little blogging award for those who you think are a Diamond of a Woman.

It's A Woman's World



  1. Congrats on your own domain! :o)

  2. yay you did it congrats! look frwrd to seeing your writers blog when youve created it


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