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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do you keep track?

I was just sitting here wondering if you have a system for keeping track of the freebies and samples you receive. I mean, for instance, when you order a freebie do you write it down in a spreadsheet with the date you ordered, where you ordered from, where you found the information and the date you should expect it?

Seems a bit extreme, but I was thinking that some of you ladies must have a system because I notice when you comment on someone else's blog that you received the item they told you about four to six weeks ago. Am I the only one with a bad memory or what?

I click links, order samples and freebies and go about my merry way. I like to leave a comment on the blog that had the link thanking them for posting it and telling them I'm going order it. But I have never -- maybe hardley ever (but I don't remember!) -- remembered to go back and tell them I got it.

Yes, this is my random thought for the day that I decided to share with you. I'm sure you get random thoughts too, right? :D
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