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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wonderful weekend

Hello blogging friends and readers! :-) Well, you'll have to forgive my weekend absence from visiting and writing. My BFF from MD came to visit and take care of me... he has been so helpful, fun and entertaining that I've been busy either doing nothing or getting much needed paperwork done. This is all while he bustles around fixing stuff, checking other things and being an all-around handyman.

Oh, but I have to tell you about our afternoon at Dixieland Fun Park yesterday. I don't want to talk about him too badly, but (read this with a whisper) I BEAT him at miniature gulf! And although he won't admit it: I won the go-cart race too - TWICE! It was all in good fun and I am happy to be out of the house doing something different for a change.

I have to run, but I will be back tomorrow checking out your blogs and finding out what you did this weekend. I hope you had fun... don't forget to share! Smooches!
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