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Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's for lunch?

My morning didn't go quite as planned so the younger kids and I ended up at the grocery store. They decided they wanted Kid Cuisines for lunch and although I don't think it's the best choice nutritionally, it is a good, occasional lunch treat.

They chose the ones they wanted and I chose one for the baby. I had already picked up some fruit and waffles for breakfast as well as a couple of snacks and yogurt so we went on our way. (Oh crap, I just remembered I forgot to get bread. BIG SIGH!) An-t-way, so we get home and I feed the now grumpy baby who was so ready for her nap and get the kids' meals ready.

I look around and realize that in all the excitement, commotion and cart pushing that I hadn't gotten myself anything for lunch. So, here I sit starting to get pretty hungry and too lazy to conjure something up in the kitchen.

I don't think I've forgotten myself like this before and it's not a good feeling. Well, at least the teenager got off to her first day of her senior year, the baby is getting her nap and the kids are happily stalling through their lunch avoiding the nap. Now, if I only knew what was for lunch.

(Check back soon because I'll update you on the high school dilemma and share a picture of the senior from today.)
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