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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking care of family & friends

I've been thinking a lot about my BFF in MD whose dad was taken to the hospital a few days ago. The dad's heart rate was really low and it was suspected that he is experiencing kidney failure (possibly as a result of his diabetes). Well, they put in a pacemaker yesterday to regular his heart rate, which has definitely improved, and I'm waiting to hear if they did the MRI today.

My friend, who I love very dearly and whom I have known for about 22 years, is struggling with all the feelings that go along with a parent being incapacitated or in a fragile position. He is trying to be strong for his family, but his inner struggle of emotions is waging.

There isn't much I can do all the way down here in GA, but I am here for him for whatever he needs. A shoulder. An ear. Oh, whatever long distance support I can offer. It hurts when you see close friends and family suffer, but it's something we must endure.

I think it's how we deal with it that matters in the end. It's how we take care of others, how we share our love and how we support that will be remembered and appreciated.

I want my friend to know (and I think he already knows) that I have unending support and love for him... so if there's anything he should need I will be here - and there. Today, will you join me in sending warm wishes, {{{hugs}}}, love and prayers to MD for my friend and his family?

Take care, FB!
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