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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Missing comments

As you can see I switched the comment function back to the old way. Unfortunately, I lost all the comments (on Blogger) made using the Disqus widget.

If you want to leave a comment on the next nine posts (below) then you can do so here. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hate that those who commented on those posts wasted their time... well, sort of! I have all comments saved in my email so I can view them at anytime. :)

I received a lot of interesting comments about the new commenting system. One (my good friend Shaunalynn) didn't like it at all and I really appreciated her honesty. She also gave me a good chuckle in the process. My UK best blogging buddy Tina didn't like it either, but she said she would keep visiting! LOL... as was the consensus for mostly everyone.

There was one interesting comment though that made a lot of sense and that was as long as they could leave their URL if they didn't have a Blogger blog then they were happy. (Not their exact words, but you get my point.)

One of my main reasons, besides making my dearest blogging friends happy :D, was that the new way interfered with my system of returning the visit. The old way provides a wonderful link if I forgot your blog address and I normally immediately clicked through to return the visit and see what you have going on. So, now you can see why my visits to your blog or website have been down.

Although I can't promise I won't change my commenting method again... I do promise to try to be the best blogging buddy ever. :)
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