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Thursday, August 7, 2008

First day of school

Here's Amber getting ready for her first day as a senior in high school!

After three weeks of administrators not getting back to me when they said they would. After telling at least eight people that I wanted to withdraw my daughter from the open campus school and have her continue at her home high school... it was finally done. Yesterday!

Talk about cutting it close.

Although her home school didn't have her information in the computer yesterday, I sent her to school today on the bus. She's a young adult (almost!) and I knew she could take care of the rest. I mean, I had done all the hard stuff, right?

So, yes, in case you missed it: Amber is at her regular public high school for her senior year! Yippee! Well, yippee for her because that's where she wanted to be.

Moms rock! (insert smug face here!)

I won't go into the long boring details of how it all came about... it's just good that it did and she'll be happy for her final year.

Isn't she the cutest ever? I am so proud of her. (Please ignore the messy room and icky carpet... she needs to vacuum, but don't tell her I was talking about her here.)

On the downside of things, my dear 4-year-old son did not get into the pre-k program at the public school. No one told me that applying for the Georgia Pre-K is like applying to colleges and you should get on the list at at least 10 places and not just two.

Although I haven't lost hope that someone in the two programs that he's on the list for will move out of state or not show up, I still have to figure out a plan to prepare him -- education/knowledge wise -- for kindergarten. (insert big sigh here!)

Okay, so even moms don't win them all!
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