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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Exactly @ 8

Today was Andre and Amareah's first day at headstart. I figure Amareah was really excited because she was awake before 5:30 a.m. Of course that put a kink in my plans to enjoy my coffee in quiet.

Amareah is excited about her first day of school... well, at least she was until we got to her classroom.

So after I dodged her questions, kept her off my lap and tried to finish reading a magazine I settled her in to watch cartoons (she wanted to eat breakfast at school) while I showered and dressed. The plan is to be out of the way for Amber who gets up around 6:30 and to make it to the headstart location on time by 8 a.m.

Since I have three little ones, plus myself, to get ready I got up at 5. After I'm dressed, I get Amareah dressed, we wake up Andre and he gets dressed then we wake up Anna to get her dressed. Amber, who overslept a little, gets up at 6:45 and by the time she's out of the shower everyone is ready to go.

Andre is chilling and excited about school. The baby, on the other hand, was not excited about her second day of daycare. She cried today when I dropped her off, but I am sure she will adjust. Aren't they all so cute? I know, I'm biased.

We all leave the house together and I arrive at headstart at 7:50. I unbuckle everyone and we stroll in. I'm feeling pretty good about being on time and getting everyone out of the house, but when I get to the first classroom to sign in one of the children the director says that if you don't have a note stating you have to be to work then you have to wait outside.

Excuse me?

He repeats what he said - adding that you can wait in your vehicle or stand outside. Despite my children's long faces we go stand outside of the building (luckily there was an overhang thingy because it's been raining for days now). I am thinking that if they say a program is from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. that they are starting at 8. No, you can not arrive before 8 without a note from your mommy... I mean, a note.

Okay, I think, don't complain just follow the stupid procedures... I mean, the rules. Tomorrow I will feed the children myself (they still hadn't started breakfast by 8:15) and leave at the last minute so my children aren't stuck waiting in the car and hungry.

On the bright side... I.AM.HERE.ALONE and it's magical.

I hope you're having a good and productive day.

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