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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chirp Chirp

Have you ever had an encounter with a creature that you couldn't explain? Maybe it was a butterfly that landed on your arm. Or a squirrel that stared into your window as you ate. It could have been a cat that followed you home.

Well, my encounter came today -- Saturday -- as my teenager and I sat outside on the Starbucks' patio and enjoyed our drinks. About five small birds flew onto the patio and pecked around. They were noticeable when they arrived because of how close the first one flew to my daughter's head.

That same bird perched on a chair at the table next to ours then immediately turned around and looked at us. The bird watched us and continued to get closer. At one point, five tiny, fluffy birds were hopping and pecking their way under our table.

Did they want to make a nest in our hair? Or did they think we had crumbs to share? Whatever they thought we never let them get close enough to see. As they approached we would stomp a little or hit the table and they would fly a short distance away.

Only to return again a few minutes later.

Had I not been attacked by a bird some years back I may would have encouraged the interaction. Of course this is the one time I decided to leave my camera at home so I'm sure no one will believe that a little bird stalked me, looked right into my eyes and perched on a chair just a foot away from me.

It's kind of funny though 'cause unusual things happen to the teenager and I whenever we're out and about. I'm just glad they didn't poo in my coffee!
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