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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Battling writer's nerves

Some of you may not know this about me (especially if you haven't read my bio), but I have been a writer and editor for almost 14 years. Now that the kiddies are all at their respective locations during the day I am even more committed to making my WAHM status successful. This freelance writer and editor is gonna make some moola.

Now that I've committed to that, I'll now tell you that I've been pretty productive the last couple of days with performing at least one potential money-making activity. Yeah, I do the busy work of business, but the actual writing for money activity is often low.

That brings me to my writing for money activity that I did yesterday: I tweaked an essay that I am going to submit to a local magazine. The essay, in my humble opinion, is really good. It's funny, easy to read and well written.

But I'm nervous about submitting it.

Even after all these years in the business, after all the magazine assignments I've written and submitted, the clients I've worked for and the experience I gained... I am still a nervous wreck. See, the problem is that I have very little success with the cold submissions. You know the ones where you have to query when you have an article idea or submit a piece -- like an essay -- for consideration.

Oh, it's so nerve wracking.

I've had a couple of poems published and I recall one (ONE!) article that was published as a result of a query letter. I'm more comfortable with having an editor give me an assignment or getting instruction from a client. I can be successful at that, but this cold submission stuff... I don't know.

The butterflies are fluttering and my head is starting to pound just thinking about it. Well, along with those nerves comes the procrastination and maybe that's what this post is starting to be.

Have I unknowingly let my nerves convince me to write a post instead of finishing and submitting the essay? But, I'm sure it was important to have a current post up, right?

Maybe not. I'm going to get up, stretch a little and put on some water to boil for tea. Then I'll sit down and do a final (okay, maybe semi-final) edit on my essay and commit to submitting it by the end of the day.

OMG! Wish me luck because I think my nerves are trying to convince me to go clean out the storage area instead of sitting at my desk and working. And then there are the images I'd like to find to accompany this post. ;-) Okay, okay... I'm getting to work. Shouldn't you to? Are you procrastinating from work by blog hopping? LOL. You're caught!

So, tell me, what are you about to work on?

UPDATE: I am not feeling too good about this writing thing right now... My essay was rejected. I guess it was really bad since it says they take about six weeks to respond and mine was rejected the very next day. BIG SIGH... oh well. Hopefully I can pick myself up over the weekend and put some more coals in the fire next week.
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