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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Am I a nerd?

Well, I'll answering that for you with a resounding "Hell yea!" In our house, my teenager and I throw around the word nerd in a loving and admirable way. It's cool to be a nerd.

Case in point. My daughter had open house at her high school tonight and we were in her Language Arts Class when the teacher was discussing the syllabus, including the "major works" they would be reading. The first work is Beowulf. I joked with the teenager, "I should read it along with you."

"You should," she laughs.

"I wonder if she has an extra book?"

"She probably does, nerd!" Amber says.

Much to her surprise I did ask for a book so for the rest of the open house I proudly carried around the 1,512-page "Language of Literature: British Literature." We passed Amber's boyfriend a couple of times in the hallway and one time she says to him, "She got a Literature book."


"Why not? ... Hey, I'm in between books now."

He gave me that look that teenagers give you when they just don't get you, but don't want to say anything disrespectful. I just laughed.

I don't know about you, but I am proud to be a nerd. It's cool and I'm glad my daughter thinks it's cool too.

I'll try to keep you posted during the school year to let you know how I'm doing with my Language Arts book!
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