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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's the secret?

Sometime last school year my teenage daughter and I went to an information session about Eula Wilborn Ponds Perry Center for Learning. She expressed an interest in attending and I supported her decision.

Some of you remember that my daughter was very sick last school year. She'd been hospitalized and spent the majority of the first semester being tutored and working with a teacher in our home. When she attended the orientation she felt the school was a good option for her at the time. She has since changed her mind and I support that.

But, apparently, that isn't allowed. This public school, which is voluntary, is refusing to let me withdraw her. They've withdrew her from her home school and I've spent more than a week trying to get her out.

Maybe I missed the memo. Is their a secret password or something? According to them we signed a "commitment letter" during the orientation (what I call the information session). My position is that regardless of what I signed this is an alternative education choice that I can choose for my children and I want to see a copy of, what I've sarcastically called, this "binding agreement that I can not withdraw my child."

If I were moving out of state I would have to withdraw my child. If there were extenuating circumstances and I choose to homeschool her I would have to withdraw my child, and I don't need to give anyone a reason as to why I want to do that. All I am required to do is ensure she receives an approved education, which can be private school, homeschool or public school.

I can put her in public school and decide to bring her home to homeschool. Or vice versa! And I don't need permission to do that.

SIGH... deep breath!

I have nothing negative to say about their program because I only know what I've read and it sounds pretty good. Their mission of the Open Campus, according to their website, is "to provide educational opportunities for students who need services outside the scope of the regular comprehensive high school."

The school, also according to the website, is an "optional educational opportunity for the students desiring to complete their high school requirements in a non-traditional setting."

Optional, huh?

Then why do I have an appointment, requested by them, with the principal this Friday? I say it's to waste his time and mine.

I've already heard from the main counselor that they've hired teachers and made arrangements for my daughter's transportation. None of that matters to me because if I decide to move or there's something else -- like I've already mentioned -- then those things would still exist. That has nothing to do with me.

Even given what sounds like a good program it is not an environment I would want my daughter in because I think the administration there are bullies who have an alternative agenda. Could this sudden grip on preventing students from withdrawing have anything to do with the county's threat of losing their accreditation?

Whatever is going on, I have had it up to my eyeballs in this place wasting my time. Have you experienced anything like this? I'm off to do more research on our rights... if you have any tips/knowledge, please feel free to let me know.
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