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Friday, July 25, 2008

What did you say?

In the minivan my two youngest girls (#3 and #4) sit on the middle row and my son sits on the third row, but that doesn't keep my two middle children (#2 and #3) from talking.

Here's a conversation the two of them were having the other day. (Inside info: there was an inch worm on the outside of the window and only Amareah could see it.)

#2: "'Mareah, is the inch worm still there?"
#3: "Mmm hmmm."
#2: "Huh?"
#3: "Mmm hmmm."
#2: "Amareah! Is the inch worm still there?"
#3: "I said yes, why you keep saying it over and over. I'm tired of 'peating myself."

Ahem! I wonder where she learned that phrase, mom says innocently.


  1. oh hoooo that's really cute! Mareah is turning into her mom now. LOL and you better don't wonder where she got that from Petula. :) very cute though. very cheeky smile. where's little Anna? in a while, she'll be saying abt the same. hahahahahaha

  2. LOL! Know what? I probably would have said the same exact thing if it were my sister and I talking like that!

  3. this made me laugh - I also have to split my three kids up in the car otherwise they bug each other by poking, leaning on and wacking each other!

  4. Its so surprising how our children learn things. I'd been reading your posts about your kids. And it makes me laugh. They have their innocent ways of making us wonder and simply smile at what they are doing. :-)

  5. LOL!That's so cute!
    I bet she hear say that over and over again!I'm always saying that to mine!!!"How many times do I have to say it??I'm tired of repeating my self!"LOL!
    Loved it!

  6. Haa haaa. That is funny. Such cute kids!

  7. Oh my gosh are your girls cute. What a funny conversation. Thanks for making me smile today. I needed that.

  8. It really is amazing what the kids can pick up and repeat!

    How cute!


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