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Friday, July 4, 2008

Weird & Wonderful

I've been telling you about my ever maturing and working teenager. Well, her best friend has a car (a Jeep, I think) and she came to pick her up today so they could run errands. These weren't errands that I and the other mom requested; these were their own errands and they asked each of us if we needed anything.

Amber left looking all cute and grown up and came back loaded down with bags of purchases. They'd been to Barnes and Noble (her friend needed some books for assignments for the upcoming year), Kroger (Amber bought some fruits and healthy drinks for a cleansing she's doing), Wal-Mart (the other day when Amber and I were there we spotted a small Crock-Pot for about $9 that she bought for COLLEGE! and she got some film developed) and I think there were a couple of other things they did.

It's wonderful seeing her independent and responsible; it's also a little weird. I wonder if my mom had the same feelings when she saw me come in carrying my purchases. I remember getting foods that I like or stopping to get something for dinner, which Amber did today. She sent me a text message asking me what I had in mind for dinner. I thought that was so cool and responsible.

What an amazing young woman she is turning out to be. And, I must say, as I've watched her best friend over the years: I am quite impressed with her as well. They are a couple of great gals. :-)

That's Amber's best friend. They've been friends since middle school -- 6th grade, I think. She's a nice young lady and I am happy that Amber has found such a good friend to share things with and hang out with. It's like having another teen-aged daughter (she even calls me mom).

And, there she is, the young lady of the family.

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