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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wanna be featured in First For Women magazine?

Amy Kuperinsky, an editor with First For Women magazine, is looking for women to help with a story about body image. Here's what she's looking for:

"First, we're doing a feature on body snark - the witty things women say if someone makes a rude comment about their body. One staffer had an example from her mom, who was approached by a kid cousin with the question, 'Why are you so fat?' Her reply: 'Because I eat little children like you.' We're looking for anything dealing with unexpected, rude/out of place/uncalled for comments about your body, appetite, or anything affecting body image. Then, we want to know what you said in response."

This is scheduled to come out around holiday time so anything "wintery/Christmassy/dinnertable-y" is a plus.

The deadline is this Friday, the 25th. She'll need your full name, age, city, state and a snapshot.

If you don't have anything for that then there are two other questions you can answer:

1. Has a family member ever said something nice (especially around holiday time) that left you uplifted, and enhanced your body image?

2. Has an event so horrible ever happened, something that demeaned you or made you feel down about your body, that later seemed like a blessing in disguise? They're looking for women who have made it through hardships with their confidence energized.

If you'd like to reply/contribute send an email to Amy at
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