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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trashcan transformation

As soon as I get a little "extra" money I am changing all of the trashcans in the house to ones with lids and little foot presses. Out of four children this last one (Miss Anna) is the only one that won't stay out of the trashcans.

I am tired of saying no and re-directing, etc. It's a little frustrating (besides the fact that she gets into them) because I've always been a mom who never had to move stuff from under cabinets and things so I feel like I've lost the war.

The last one finally broke me. I. have. been. defeated.

(Yes, that's my style for the week: When I want to emphasize something it will be overly punctuated so you get my point!)


  1. We have one with the lid and foot thing and Hunter still gets in it some. Maybe not as much because he can't see the stuff but he still opens it from time to time...

    BTW, I added your badge to my site...

  2. oh, look at the little sweetie smiling so happily! she's so cute and she has a lot of teeth too.

  3. Oh I would be mush if that adorable face smiled up at me!

  4. the same way. He always got into things from the day he started walking. He is now 31/2 and things are starting to get better with him but never the less he is still and will probably always be a handful.
    I know how frustrating it may be but Petula she is adorable. Just look at that face!

  5. Well, trash cans are full of interesting things, Mommy! ;-)


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