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Monday, July 7, 2008

Sorbay update

Remember I told you about the SorbayPC Lozenge? I recently did a review on this lozenge that was developed to be a convenient way to freshen the palate. It is said to be the only product to effectively eliminate residual food flavors that are responsible for yucky mouth.

I received a great explanation of this product from Kim Zaharias, director of Public Relations at CRW & Partners. She said:
The problem is that mints are used to cover up the bad breath/tastes and are usually flavored using oils. Oils “dirty” your mouth versus cleaning it. SorbayPC doesn’t have any oils in it. You should literally feel that your mouth is cleaner and the coffee (or whatever residue flavor) is gone. It’s very hard to change people’s thought process as most people automatically think “mint.” We like to think of mints as Febreeze for the mouth (cover up) and SorbayPC as Lysol for the mouth (clean and sparkling).

Check out my review and do give these lozenges a try (they can be purchased at Bon then come back and let me know what you think.

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