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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pest control tips

I read this in the April issue of BabyTalk magazine, but I keep forgetting it. So when I came across the information while I was cleaning my desk I thought I would post it here to help me to remember and to give you a tip too!

Here are a few less toxic ways to get rid of pests:

Roaches (yuck!) - put boric acid in childproof bait
containers and place under
kitchen sink, in pantries and cabinets.

Spiders (creepy!) - Vacuum corners and around windows once a month them
dump vacuum bag immediately.

Ants (pesky!) - fill a spray bottle with
equal parts vinegar and water then spray around doorways, windows and other
popular ant spots.

There are also eco-friendly products available to tackle these critters.


  1. Congratulation Petula! "It's a women's world" has been added to Blogging Women. I want to thank you for submitting your blog. It's my pleasure to add another quality women's blog to this directory. Keep up the great work.

  2. To get bugs off of plants my father used to put water and a little dish soap in a spray bottle and spray the plant with it. It works great!

  3. those seem like tips from one experienced bug buster haha!

    i cast my vote. the name thing mate dont worry about it really. i found there is a program called mummy diaries after, and someone else has a blog called the mummy diaries! ... i know how rude! lol

  4. Hmm...I didn't know about the vinegar/water for ants! I'll have to try that if the sneaky little buggers try to come in before summers end!

  5. The ant pest control tip came in handy for me. We've never had ant problems before until this year, so this vinegar and water, I hope will solve it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great tips! Especially since I *hate* bug spray!

  7. Thanks for the great bug tips! We seem to be having an ant and spider problem right now but I'm always concerned about spraying bug spray around the kids so I'll have to try the tips you mentioned!!

    BTW, hope you've been feeling better!

  8. my mother only does one thing for all the pests- insecticide! LOL she loves them and I am sure those insects hate it!


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