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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Money-saving teenager

Ever since my teenager was a little girl we've talked about getting the best deal at the store. Whether it's the grocery store, a department store or a discount store... she knows how to shop for a good deal. Sometimes I turn to her when we're shopping for food to ask if something is a good deal. Hey, gotta pass the baton, right?

Her shopping savvy showed up today when she wanted to see if JcPenney was having a sale. The tire place was within walking distance of the department store so we set off after we got tired of sitting and reading while we waited for the van to be serviced.

Not only were they having an awesome sale... they were taking an additional 25 percent off already marked down prices.

This is what Amber bought...

These $14 shirts were bought for $4.19 a piece. I bought two and Amber gave me one. And, if you look very hard in the right lower corner of the picture there's a plaid skort that she bout me. It was $30 and she got it for $7.79.

These $10 heart pendants were 58 cents each! Yup, you read that right. That's a deal not to be passed up. So we both had to get one.

I thought Amber's dad would get a kick out of this shirt since he's from Texas so she's gonna wear it the next time she sees him. It was $22 and she got it for $5.99.

This cute little screen tee was $18 and she paid $5.39.

Although you can't tell from this picture that's a cute little summer, halter dress on the right that was originally $70. She bought it for $17.99. And on the left is an extremely cute double tank top. It was $26, I think, and she got it for $7.19.

So, she scored all of that for $61.56. Good deals, huh? Amber looks beautiful in the things she bought for herself and she's such a good, sweet girl to treat her mommy.

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