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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Exercising restraint

I've mentioned in the past that I'm addicted to magazines and books... I simply love to read. I am always finding a free subscription to different magazines and I love that because I feel like I'm saving money. I get to feed my fetish without spending money.

As you know, once the free or trial subscription is over the publisher sends an invoice stating "to continue your subscription please pay xyz amount." Today, I opened up the invoice for Country Living magazine and it was $12 for a one-year subscription. That's 12 issues for just $1 each!

When I get an invoice that is that great of a deal I usually hold onto it while I consider whether I'm going to pay for it. But this time I didn't... I know every penny counts nowadays and paid subscriptions are luxury that I don't need.

I'll just stick to my free and trial subscriptions! What are you giving up or doing to save a little money?


  1. Well as for me theres smothing I real;ly really want to do but I cant swing it cause something comes up. I don't think I am giving it up I think I am just delaying it.

  2. Driving! You may laugh - but I have seriously cut back on the amount of driving I do.

    Also, eating out. We try so hard to eat out less. Of course, we'll be forced to eat at home over the next few months because taking Kira out to a restaurant just won't be realistic.

    TV - we don't have cable or dish. We just have movies and DVDs.

  3. I take my lunch to work most days, keep my thermostat at 82F, stay home most of the time except for work. I never go out to eat except for a $3 lunch at Chick Fila once a month. I never buy clothes for myself, I never rent movies any longer.

  4. I have let several of my subscriptions go. Plus, I am going to give ironing a whirl and not take Brad's stuff to the dry cleaners. Let me say I am a horrible ironing but I guess with some practice...

    Hey, I have a breakfast tag for you...

    Just if you want to do it. Oh and I haven't figured out which meme you mentioned you might do that I did. Maybe it was the 4 things meme. I will check the comments and let you know.

  5. I don't drive anywhere unless I have to and unless it's on sale I don't buy it.

  6. i managed to get my award up you gave me at last ;)

  7. Your blog is great!!!

    I am trying to save a little money by not running my air conditioner so often this summer! Also I am using vinegar instead of fabric softener (which is awesome)!

  8. Wow!! That is some addiction!
    By the way thanks for agreeing to have my add on your page!

  9. I am using coupons but not as frequently as I need to.

  10. you get free magazines there? how wonderful! I buy my mags, and yes, they are not cheap. I don't normally subscribe to them, I buy it whenever I feel like (not every month)

  11. I'm trying to cut down on my yarn/craft spending. I already buy cheaper yarns, but I've been doing a lot of yarn recycling lately by unraveling machine made sweaters I've bought for cheap at thrift stores. For the amount of cashmere, merino wool and silk I get from those it would pay for our old mortgage payment if I were buying it brand new!

  12. I've done away with my mags subscriptions to try and save money. So I don't blame you. :)

  13. i have an award now for you mate ;)


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