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Friday, July 18, 2008

Cord blood banking saves lives

During my first pregnancy more than 17 years ago I don't recall there being an option to bank your child's umbilical cord blood. However, with my last three children I saw many advertisements and announcements about cord blood banking. Nowadays, the potential medical benefits of umbilical stem cells is growing each day.

It can be confusing and overwhelming for some parents to make the decision to bank cord blood and it can be compounded by trying to choose the right facility. That's where Cryo-Cell International comes in. This company, which has stored more than 150,000 cord blood samples, works to educate expectant parents about the benefits of preserving their newborn's cord blood stem cells.

If you're still unsure you can read families' testimonies and do some cord blood bank comparisons. Cryo-Cell also has trained childbirth educators available 24 hours a day everyday to consult with you.
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