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Monday, July 28, 2008

Break a sweat

If you're like me then you prefer to have cute and functional workout gear to get you in your exercise groove. Well, I have just the product for you from Gracie's Gear!

It's an innovative sports bra that offers comfort and convenience rolled into one. Gracie's Gear sports bra has a storage pouch that allows you to carry items (like your iPod or MP3 player) above the waist (easily accessible) so your stride isn't interrupted by dangling cords or something bouncing against your leg.

Not only is the pouch convenient, but the bra itself is extremely comfortable. It is equipped with Moisture Release Transfer(TM) technology that keeps the moisture from your skin and Ultra Illuscent(TM) Max, which is anti-odor technology. I tested the bra and was amazed that I felt dry throughout my workout.

So, being the skeptic that I am, I tried it again and this time I worked out longer and harder. I was still dry. Okay, so I must admit I wasn't convinced: I worked out again without the bra (I mean with a different bra! LOL!) and at the same intensity I worked out the second time I tried Gracie's Gear. I hate to tell you this because it may be TMI, but I was soaking wet and I didn't smell quite as fresh.

Gracie's Gear has a new customer in me. I'm sold! Not only is the bra comfortable and convenient, but it delivers on the workout technology front.

A little about Gracie’s Gear, Inc.:
They are the creator and producer of the innovative POWER POUCH™ sports bra and provide products and services that encourage all women to become and stay active.

To see the variety of styles and colors of the sports bra or to learn about the other products, check out

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