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Friday, July 18, 2008

Body snatchers

Yesterday I was so thankful that my children were relatively well behaved because I wasn't feeling well. Today, I'm feeling even worse and the children were acting like something from a bad movie like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. No, I take that back... they were acting like some of those kids I see on that nanny show!

Yesterday everyone followed instructions, ate their lunches and took a nap at the same time. Today, the baby (who's 1) didn't eat her lunch and she wouldn't take a nap. The two middle children, ages 3 and 4, jumped from bed to bed, pulled the curtain off the window, opened and closed doors, talked, played and got into everything they could think of.

Like I do everyday when they first lay down for their nap, I say, "Don't forget if you aren't good and you don't take your nap you'll lose your park time." Now, I've only had to take away park time once or twice so I know this is important to them. Well, at least it was. Today, I guess they didn't care. After numerous admonishments and reprimands, getting up and down to correct them, etc., this is where they ended up:

Amareah was in a corner further away from Andre, but she saw a spider in that corner (guess I need to dust!) so she had to be re-located. They even whispered from their respective corners before Amareah was moved! Aargh! As you can see from the next picture, she had also taken out one of her plaits.

The baby who I ended up taking out of the crib so the others could go to sleep ended up getting in big trouble when the phone rang. I was only on for less than five minutes and she pulled every DVD off the shelf. You can see the DVDs next to Amareah in the above pictures. (No, I'm not going to move them somewhere else! She was doing good by not messing with stuff she's not supposed to.)

After that I the angry mommy - that would be me - ignored the baby by putting myself in time out facing my laptop! This is where she ended up...

...on the office floor with her sister's scarf. (Boy, that floor sure needs to be vacuumed!) Well, at least she went to sleep! And don't you dare say how cute she looks!

I hope they're better behaved tomorrow!
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