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Saturday, July 12, 2008

About Me

My hot UK blogging buddy Tina tagged me with this one. I had to do it right away before I forgot and especially since I complained that she didn't tag me with another one I actually wanted to do. :-)

I am: a recovering perfectionist
I think: there's nothing better than writing and reading
I know: a lot of random facts
I have: four children

I wish: I had more money
I hate: wasting time
I miss: my friends who live far away
I fear: being homeless
I hear: music
I smell: uh... nothing!
I crave: a vacation
I search: for jobs and assignments
I wonder: if I'll ever make enough money
I regret: getting married :(
I love: the quiet
I ache: all the time
I am not: alone
I believe: in God
I dance: like Beyonce (just kidding! LOL)
I sing: sometimes
I cry: because I feel defeated
I fight: when challenged
I win: word games
I lose: me? lose? hmmm...
I never: have enough money
I always: have a lot to do
I confuse: my children sometimes
I listen: when people advise me
I can usually be found: on my laptop
I am scared: of heights
I need: to take care of myself
I am happy about: getting work done
I imagine: what life will be like stress free

That was harder to do than I thought it would be.

Did you read that? Well then you're it. Let me know if you post this one.
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