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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where do you keep your cheese?

With four children -- and three of those ages 4 and under -- it can get a little hectic around here. About a week ago our morning started as usual with me fixing breakfast for the younger kids. Amber normally fixes her own because I never know what she wants. You know how picky teens can be, right?
I think I was fixing scrambled eggs and I added a little cheese. We didn't have shredded so I just took the sliced, which was easier than cutting up the block cheese (no, I don't have a grater), and tore it off into the eggs. I put everything away when I was done and went about getting everyone dressed and ready to go.
A couple of hours later, Amber -- who was by then fixing her lunch -- comes to the bathroom door (can I please get a moment? SIGH!) and says, in the most patient voice, "Mommy? Where did you put the sliced cheese?"

I'm about to get into the shower, but the question causes me to frown and pause. So I say, in an equally patient voice, "Amber? What do you mean where did I put the sliced cheese? It's where the cheese is kept... in the drawer... in the refrigerator."

"It isn't in the refrigerator."

"Amber," I say, getting the teenagers-never-look-good voice, "I wrapped it up as I was putting the food away and put it in the drawer. In-the-refrigerator."

There's silence.

"I'm sure I did," I say louder.

She walks away and I hear some rummaging in the kitchen when all of a sudden a vague memory surfaces.

"Amber!" I yell opening the bathroom door. "Look in the drawer next to the oven."

"O.M.G," she says, exasperated. "It's here."
"Well...," I try to think of something clever to say, but fail, "I knew I put it in a drawer."

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