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Friday, June 27, 2008

Pain, pain go away - don't come again another day

My health and weight loss journal

I must admit that I haven't been feeling all that great for the last few days or so... probably about a week. I almost get used to waking up exhausted with pain I can't ease (if you're just now tuning in: I have fibromyalgia.) It's exasperated when I don't get enough rest and sleep... I guess I shouldn't have said that since I'm still awake and it's after 1 a.m.

Given my schedule with the younger kids and taking the teenagers to work, I don't get much -- if anything -- completed during the day so I try to get as much as I can done at night. Unfortunately, it's not the ideal schedule for someone like me.

I'm hoping to get my medical insurance situation (I don't have any!) resolved soon so I can get to the doctor. I want to try that new medicine that's specific for fibro. Lyrica. (Has anyone tried it or know of someone who has?)

Concerning my weight loss... Since I've been feeling bloaty and out of sorts in the stomach area I'm assuming (read: hoping) that I've lost a little weight but can't tell. As soon as my tummy gets itself together then maybe my weight loss ticker at the top of the screen will move. LOL.

I need to add some type of exercise routine to my new schedule (with all the younger kids here full time), but until I do I guess I will stick to counting calories and eating healthy. Maybe by mid-July I should come up with something since my goal date is looming only about three months away!

Until next time... here's to good health!
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