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Thursday, June 5, 2008

A pain in my.... head!

Besides my morning appointment to get the two middle children into Head Start (which I went to after I dropped them off for their second to the last day at the sitter -- already nostalgic) and my running the teenager and her best friend to work... I spent most of the day sick with a migraine.

The new schedule of additional carpooling has interfered with my normal eating schedule and I'm low on healthy to-go food so I've been doing without. Well, my body rebelled today. The headache that had been haunting me for a couple of days turned into a full-blown migraine. Complete with upset stomach, light sensitivity, nausea, dizziness... you name it, I felt it.

So, I didn't want you to think I was off somewhere with my feet propped up, sipping on a frozen drink and watching the waves beat against the shore. (I can only do that in my fantasies!)

I was fighting to get the baby to take a nap so I could ease the pounding in my brain. The effects are still lingering, but at least I can function a little and get on with the business of, well, business.
I did salvage the relationship with the new client that I briefly mentioned yesterday and I'm hoping I can meet my deadline, do an excellent job and receive even more work. I hope I can pull it off. Can you tell I'm nervous?
If you don't see me around for the next five days or so you know I'm chained to my desk (not daydreaming about the beach, LOL!) and fighting the kids off with a stick to get the assignment completed. Wish me luck... oh, and have a good weekend. :-)
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