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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fake-me-out weather

I'm sitting in my window-less office and I hear rolling thunder. I wait for a second then I hear it again. I grab my keys so I can sneak out the door (all the children are napping) to roll my windows up in the van.

Well, when I get to the kitchen and look out the living room window (yup, that's how small the place is) I see bright -- very bright -- sunlight. Hmmm? Well, being the person that I am I just put the keys down and come back to tell you about the crazy weather.

I mean, why should I risk waking up anyone and disturbing the one minute I'll get out of the entire day for some fake-me-out thunder? Now, let's just hope I don't regret it in a minute if the clouds open up and start pouring out their contents. Then I'll have a fun minute of splashing through the rain before I'm irritated that I waited and realize I got all wet.

Ahh, the joys of realizing my brain doesn't function well from spending too much time with my children. What was that I just heard? Hmmm... louder thunder...
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