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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do you eBay?

I'm back to selling some things on eBay, which I began doing last summer. I thought I had run out of stuff to sell, but I've found a couple more things that need to go. Right now I'm selling a chest of drawers and I'll be listing my wedding dress soon!


Yes, I know. I'll be selling my wedding dress. At least I hope I will. When I first got married my oldest daughter expressed an interest in wearing my dress when she walked down the aisle. That has since changed. I can't -- or, I guess, won't -- hold onto it on the off chance that one of my younger daughters, who are just 1 and 3, will want to wear it. I have to make money however I can.

It's funny (not really), how my reality hasn't changed much since August of last year. In fact, it's probably gotten a little worse. But, what hasn't changed is my need to take care of myself and my children. I do want to mention, which I'll post more about at another time, that I have about three really good real-world friends. And there has been one who has gone above and beyond what I could ever hope and imagine.

I want to say thank you to him now. We've known each other for 22 years and every cent, every kind word, every late night VA assistance, every shoulder and everything else he's done is so very appreciated.

You can check out My World at eBay when you get the chance. Then check back often as I hope to list more items whenever I can.

BTW: Thanks for being such good blogosphere friends. Your support means the world to me.


  1. It's too bad we did not live closer. I really like that piece.
    Good Luck

  2. I hope you get your stuff sold on eBay! Mr. Pink Lemonade actually does this as our second income and since about Nov. business has really tanked - I guess the bad economy has trickled down to every sector of the business world.

    So sorry to hear things aren't going so well - but it's great to know that there are people you can rely on when you need them - it does give you piece of mind.

  3. Beautiful chest of drawers! I'm in some serious need of clothing storage, if I could I'd snap it up!

    Having good friends is such a blessing; I'm so glad you've got some good ones to lean on right now :D

  4. I found your blog through the mommyfest site. It's wonderful that all these weeks later, I'm still meeting others and finding great blogs.

    I have a few incredible friends. In fact I just ran into an old friend yesterday, who I am excited to reconnect with. She is one of the most supportive people I know.

  5. I've started doing Ebay a few months ago but I have so much on my plate right now that I haven't been on my account in a while. I've sold one item so far. :)

  6. Good people deserve good friends. No surprise you have them.

  7. That's nice Petula. I totally support you selling the dress- I am sure the kids would have their own taste by the way they walk down the isle. hmm I can't find the dress on your ebay link though, I could only see the dresser chest! where is the dress?? I want to see that dress!!!!!!! :(

  8. If you ever have any Thomas the Tank Engine things, let me know before you put them on eBay.

  9. Will do Tammy!

    Oh Farah, you make me laugh all the time! The dress hasn't posted yet... I had some trouble with the pics so I'm hoping to get it done before the week is out!


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