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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Difficult rebates

Like most moms, I try to save money whenever I can. So, when there's a chance to get money back or get something for free then I'm all over it.

That's why when Amber got contact lenses and the eye doctor gave me a form for up to $100 back I made sure I held onto it and kept my receipt. Well, the first time I looked at the form I noticed it said I needed a receipt from the eye exam and a receipt from the contact lenses I purchased.

So, I held onto those.

The next time I looked at it I realized I needed the box ends from the actual contact lenses. I had bought two boxes so I went to get the box ends. I looked at it again and it said FOUR box ends!


Now, I need to wait until I get two more box ends and hold onto the other receipt.

Why in the world do they make it so difficult to save money? I know it's because they don't want you to get the money, but come on. Who thought up this stuff? I'm sure it's a mother, father, someone's aunt or uncle... you know, someone who is trying to or has before wanted to or needed to save money.

So... can they just give me a freakin' break?

I. Will. Get. My. Rebate.
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