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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Can we call it a social experiment?

I've noticed something on various blogs I visit: a little donate button hiding in the sidebar. As you can see I've added one to mine. Why would I do such a thing? For several reasons:

Not too long ago, I read about a guy (forgive me for not remembering his blog or his name) that quit his job to see if he could make a living from blogging. He added the donate button to see if his readers/fans would "pay his salary" and they did. To the tune of a little over $30,000. Not too bad over the course of a year, huh?

I've seen a blog where the blogger says something like, "Buy me a cup of coffee?" But I don't know how successful she's been. (Hers is actually pretty clever.) And a few others with similar requests.

With all my creative attempts to make money and save money I thought I would appeal to you -- my loving, faithful, friendly and loyal (even the not-so-loyal) readers. If you've kept up with me you know I'm going through a divorce and I have four children. I'm not gonna give you a long sob story about how extremely hard the last year has been... I'm sure you can imagine. But what I am going to do is ask nicely if you'd like to donate.

It's your choice. No pressure, of course. There's no minimum. If you feel it in your heart then please donate. ... Much thanks!
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