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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Can I move overseas?

I've been reading a lot of articles lately that talk about how much better work conditions are for working mothers in other countries. This is what I learned from Redbook magazine yesterday:

Top 3 best places for working moms
Bulgaria - Moms get 45 days paid leave prior to their due date. They can take two years of paid leave per child. AND pregnant women and moms with young kids are protected from working overtime.

Sweden - All working parents get 18 months of mostly paid parental leave. Non-working mothers are entitled to compensation as well.

Germany - If a new mom opts out of work for a year to care for her child, she receives 67 percent of her net salary.

According to Redbook, American women don't have most of the basic protections that women in the rest of the world have. There were 177 countries surveyed and this is what was discovered:

169 offer paid maternity leave

145 guarantee paid sick days

137 mandate paid vacation

107 allow breast-feeding breaks

66 give dads paid paternity leave



  1. We are WE moving to? I'll come too! ;o)

  2. Now, I feel like moving too (I've always had!) If I had to choose, then, from your list, I would love to be in Sweden! :)

  3. Wanna trade places with me?!LOL!
    I've been aplying for the green card visa lottery for the past 10 years and you wanna live the States for a country in Europe??
    Well, if you go to the UK or Germany, Belgium or Luxemburg I'm sure you'll get excellent benefits.OH!France is also nice...
    But I can tell you,you'll be missing some things that you have for granted...Forget about friendly neighbors that are always there for you...Life is WAY more expensive...And everything you do and own will become a matter of status...
    It's your call...

  4. That is one way that we, the richest country on earth, short-changes our citizens. Inadequate health care, no real protection in the workforce, veterans living homeless. I find it all very sad. I love my country but I sure do find many of our "ways" very disturbing and disheartening.

    Very informative post. Makes ya think, huh?

  5. Wow, I'm taggin along with ya if you go.. that's crazy. I think its time the US caught up...

  6. very interesting post.. here in the philippines we get paid maternity leaves, paid paternity leaves, but salaries are still so low and prices of everything is so high so we could still feel the pinch..


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