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Monday, June 30, 2008

Behind the scenes

On Thursday, Amber had her photo session for her senior portraits! Even though we all had to get up early so she could get them finished before she went to work, it was such fun to experience this with her.

I enjoyed helping her (mostly watching her!) fix her hair and make-up then decide on how each outfit looked best. I marvelled at how times had changed and the children now have a choice of how many outfits they will wear. It's an entire photo shoot session.

Here's a little peek at the behind the scenes action. In the first picture, Amber is fixing her hair in the dressing room at the studio.

After getting into her first outfit, she had to sit in the waiting area for a photographer to call her.

Then they took her to the first scene for her "mug shot." Isn't that background cool?

The next scene is the "country porch." I thought these photos turned out so well. Amber, who graduated from Barbizon Modeling School a few years ago, was a natural in each setting.

Then it was time for another make-up adjustment. I was told that this is more of a teal blue shadow and the shadow she had on in the above photo was navy. :)

I don't recall what this background was called, but it is such a classic beautiful look.

Here she's in the graduation drape thingy for the formal shot. We put the pearls on as a choker and as a regular hanging necklace. I think the choker looked fab with her contemporary hair.

I felt like I should close my eyes when she modeled the cap and gown. Isn't it bad luck to see the graduate before the graduation ceremony? LOL. I can't believe my baby will graduate next year.

And... the final shot. Cap and gown.

(When the proofs come back we'll definitely have a hard time deciding which photos to choose.)

This was such a fun day of us laughing and teasing each other. What you didn't get to see (there was no one to take my picture) is me clowning around, making Amber laugh and posing in the settings that they weren't using!



  1. your baby is growing up. if you didn't cry, i'll cry for you. i get all emotional on stuff like this. the mirror, when she was fixing her hair, how did you resist the urge to mess her hair up and tell her she can't leave??????? :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love the one of her leaning against the door frame!!!

  3. All the pictures are so beautiful. Congrats to Amber! You look way to young to have a daughter graduating from high school. Wow!! I remember only getting a few shots and only one outfit for my graduation pictures. Looks like you had a fun day.

  4. great pics, and love her hair. very chick i must say

  5. She is just BEAUTIFUL!! I am sure you are very proud - and you have every right to be!

  6. I am sure all of the photos will come out wonderfully. Your daughter is just like her mother a beauty!

  7. Amber is absolutely natural when it comes to posing. Those pics could be in her portfolio to become a model- you never know her luck! I love the hair, she looks cute in that short bob hair style. wow- she actually graduated from a modeling school? no wonder she knows her moves well. Is she not interested in auditioning for ANTM? I love her pics in the black dress. very elegant.

  8. OMG!She's beautiful!Loved the pics!


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