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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Awards from friends

A new wonderful blogging friend Sandra gave me these two awards. I think that is so sweet of her to think of me.

The next one comes from Tammy and Carrie. Aren't they both sweet to pass on such a beautiful and meaningful award.

It was created by Memoirs of A Mommy in honor the donor who saved her son Noah's life with a heart transplant. Her hopes are that we can create more awareness of the importance of organ donation by passing this award onto others.

I have a feeling that there's another award or something I'm supposed to post, but I can't remember. If you remember, please don't hesitate to remind me. This is the first official week of all my children being home full-time (besides Amber going to work) and I'm overwhelmed and behind on everything.

An-t-way, who do I want to pass these on to? My friends Farah and Shaunalynn.

The next one means a lot to me coming from Farah. I really appreciate it... thanks!

I'm passing this on to all of my friends who need to remember never give up! I love you.
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