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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Waiting room etiquette

Now I've been known to sneak a well-concealed snack in my bag for my children and even for myself. That snack is often consumed in places that have "no eating" signs posted. My personal opinion on those signs, for the most part, is they're rubbish. I mean, who in their right mind wants to hear young children whine and cry because they're hungry especially in places where you have to sometimes wait for hours.

So, that being said, I understand a little nibble on a snack when necessary.

What I don't understand is the woman who came into the pediatrician's waiting room yesterday with a gigantic bag of Chick-fil-A food. Her husband and three children had been there for about 30 minutes and in she strolls with the food asking the kids if they're hungry. She proceeds to take out two large plates of food and hands one to her husband.

At this time, the waiting room was quite full and the kids -- and I'm sure some of the adults including me -- were foaming at the mouth. I started feeling a little silly having concealed the Goldfish I was feeding the baby so the other little children wouldn't bug their parents. And I was so glad my two middle children weren't there because they would have stalked that woman for her food.

Then I started getting angry, "How rude!" I thought. Here I am with my stomach growling and I'm sure my Anna would have loved a piece of chicken (I could tell that by the way she was staring).

It wasn't like she brought in a little biscuit or something and inconspicuously gave her kids something to eat. They hauled out two full plates of food: chicken, grits, biscuits! And the woman talked to her kids loudly about the food.

Now, I would say, "I know her momma raised her better than that!" But, I'll just say, "My momma raised me better than that" and that was not only poor etiquette, but it was rude, rude, rude!

Maybe she should take an etiquette class! ;-)


  1. Now, doesn't that just beat all?! Some people! You just can't trust them to do right. And, there's no way to top that either - unless you bring a table cloth and spread out a picnic in the middle of the waiting room floor.

  2. I am done with you for this part:

    chicken, grits, biscuits!


    she was DEAD wrong for this!

  3. That's just wrong. I agree with a cracker or a cookie, heck I do that for Aidan, but I would never have a picnic in the waiting room. What a whack-job!

  4. OMG!!!And I thought that those kind of things would only happen here!LOL!I hate when people do that.That's a huge lack of consideration towards the other parents and children!And she was being rude twice!1-'cause she thought she was in a picnic or so!
    2-'cause she was talking loudly!
    Go figures!...

  5. Biscuits, or chips would be sufficient I think. But plates of food, and in a pediatrician's waiting room? Not only rude but I think a bit uncultured as well. Sorry to say that.

  6. I'm guilty.

    Well - sort of.

    I have been know to bring in the occassional bag from the fast food place with french fries or chicken nuggets and drinks, stuff that can be eaten without too much fan fare.

    I have not been one to flaunt the food in front of everybody.

    I would never bring in those breakfast platters like that.

    Of course, my pediatrician's office does not have one of those no food or drink signs.

  7. You are kidding me? Obviously her Momma didn't raise her quite right, ya know? Ugh! I just can't imagine. It's like bringing a bucket of chicken from KFC, spreading out a blanket in the waiting room floor and having a full picnic. What was she thinking? Geez! lol

  8. wow, this was extremely rude. They should have waited until the left or her and the husband take turns taking the kids out of the waiting room to eat! Especially with other kids around, you know how they are (always wanting!)
    I taught my kids, what my mother taught me, if you don't have enough to share with EVERYBODY than don't eat it yet!

  9. I am the type of person that would have said something. Or whet to the receptionist and would have had him/her speak to them. You are so right it is so wrong when you have all these other little ones that you give a small something to and then you feel guilt for sneaking a few goldfish crackers to them!
    btw ~ we don't have Chick-Fil-A here but I have had it and it is totally yummy

  10. LOL! Once again you made me laugh. Great post!

  11. Petula,
    maybe they were about to go picnic somewhere near the beach,but ended up in the paed's waiting room! yeah, of course, how rude and inethiquette. Did no one say anything to her? the nurses or anything at all at the clinic?

    I too carry a bag of crisps, sweets and chocolates. The most, I would have a bag of 4 chicken nuggets from McD for Syabil. but of course not plates and good smelling food!

    She should be told off.


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